What Our Customers Are Saying


“I have known Rudy professionally for over 15 years. We brought Rudy in at Fusebill to help us completely pivot the execution of our sales approach and processes. I can unequivocally state that with Rudy’s experience and expertise we have completely reworked our strategy from the sales floor up to the boardroom with overwhelming success.
If you are looking for a winning methodology that has already been implemented in many of Canada’s top technology companies, I have no higher recommendation than the one I can give for Rudy.” Tyler Eyamie, CEO Fusebill

"We had the pleasure of engaging Rudy for a few months before our company was acquired. Rudy's experience and guidance were a significant benefit to our sales team and to our company during the process. In the event that the acquisition had not occurred, I am confident we would have rebuilt our sales capability for success with Rudy's assistance and support. I would be pleased to hire Rudy again in similar circumstances, and wholeheartedly recommend his services to others." Alexander Rink, CEO 360pi

“I have known Rudy for many years. We first met when I sold the email company Got Marketing, in which I/Celtic House was the lead investor, to Protus in 2008. Rudy lead the remarkable accomplishment with Steve Adams of growing Protus--an early SaaS B2B company to close to $100 Million in Revenue.

I then brought Rudy into Pythian, to help us build the Inside Sales team and process....so it was quite easy/natural for me to reach out to Rudy after his Privacy Analytics tenure to come help bring structure, organization and process to Assent's Sales team.

At a critical time and place, Rudy provided the needed Sales leadership, oversight and structure to take a relatively inexperienced, young, and loosely organized Sales team into a well-organized and outstanding performance team for 2016.

Rudy's strength's lies in his deep understanding of SaaS, Sales Process and disciplined Sales methodology, rigorously implemented and adhered to. Rudy has seen more movies (early stage tech companies) than most. 

 Sales management is full of posers. People with big hats and no cattle. They talk a lot and deliver excuses. I have spent more than decade studying deeply the challenges of recruiting and running a sales team. If you are a CEO of an early stage tech company, puzzled by the excuses, hiring failures and poor results, reaching out to Rudy will contribute much more than his cost.”

Andrew Waitman, CEO Assent Compliance

“We brought Rudy in to restructure the sales process and provide council to the Board and Executive team at The Better Software Company. Within a very short period of time Rudy introduced a significantly improved process and instilled the necessary discipline within the sales team. I highly recommend Rudy.”

Laurie Davis, Founder Capital AngelNetwork

“Rudy was a fantastic advisor and patiently guided me as I endeavored to build my first startup. His knowledge, insights and experience in sales were invaluable and I knew I could always count on his support and enthusiasm.” Joelle Parenteau, Founder & CEO Xpeeria

"In a very short timeframe - Rudy has brought structure, refinement, and professionalism to our sales process and team.  He quickly understood our specific context - and was able to suggest small changes that have had a great impact on our sales numbers.  He is very well respected by everyone on the team and has become one of my mentors." Marc Gingras, CEO FOKO

“Rudy and I have a long history of business relations which speak volumes to his character, capability and contribution. Whether as an embedded VP of Sales, or in a Sales consulting capacity, Rudy brings process rigor, common sense and Enterprise sales experience to the table. He played a significant and direct role contributing to the growth, including successful exits from a number of companies where I have been Investor/Director - including eSight, Granite Networks, Privacy Analytics and 360pi.” Lance Laking, Investment Director MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

“Rudy is a highly seasoned and very practical Sales leader with an enviable track record. If you are looking to hire or contract someone who can make immediate improvements to your top line and bottom line, I would endorse him without hesitation” Joe Connelly, CEO & Founder, Salesleadership

“Rudy was instrumental in assisting me to define and hire for a key role within my Marketing team at Pythian. Additionally, he helped me operationalize sales development activities which led to a scalable structure and a more efficient monetization of our efforts. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” Samer Forzley, CEO Simutech Multimedia

“I was introduced to Rudy through two of our board members after we initiated a search for a worldwide VP Sales.  Rudy helped us define the role to ensure we focused our search on the right kind of candidates, and provided recommendations on how to structure our sales process and efforts to keep selling and winning to position ourselves for the next stage of our explosive growth.” Alexander Rink, CEO 360pi

“Rudy has 20+ years of working in all facets of sales. He knows what it takes to achieve quota and build a territory from scratch with nothing more than a phone and a list. He knows what it takes to recruit, nurture and manage a sales team.  And I have seen him build a sales organization that predictably grew and generated tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. 

It was that experience that led me to hire Rudy as a trusted advisor and consultant to help organize and operationalize our growing sales team at ConceptShare. In a short period of time Rudy has made a substantial impact. First by turning an ad-hoc sales approach into a process that can now be repeated and scaled. Then working with our sales operations lead Rudy has shaped Salesforce around our new sales process to ensure that our sales team is taking a consistent approach to each new client opportunity. And he has helped define metrics that give me visibility I need on the performance of our sales organization. 

With Rudy's participation, we are building a sales organization that is ready to scale and effectively sell into a growing market. He will continue to be a trusted advisor and consultant as our sales organization continues to grow and mature.” Nish Patel, CEO Conceptshare

"I've been working with Rudy for the past 3 months and can't say enough about how he has helped to transform our SaaS-based sales strategy. Rudy brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table and that really shines through when he's working with and mentoring sales staff.
From my perspective as CEO, Rudy's taken our sales team from "best effort" to a tactical "metrics-driven" unstoppable force. Not only do I highly recommend Rudy Richman to friends and colleagues, I often ask myself why I didn't engage him sooner. Don't make the same mistake." Paul Emond, CEO Versature

“Rudy is one of those rare and experienced Senior Executives who can quickly wade through the complexities and identify a logical, practical approach to the largest corporate problems.”  Dan Scheunert, President On-Path Business Solutions

“Rudy is a difference maker! He is focused and unrelenting in keeping it simple and getting results. At eSight, he provided a realistic and straight forward approach to developing an initial sales process and generating sales. He communicates clearly and regularly, and was key in helping us transition to meaningful sales.” Kevin Rankin,  CEO eSight Corporation

“I had the opportunity to work side by side with Rudy during a post acquisition project at Protus and during the early stages of strategic planning for a start-up. If you get a chance to work with him, I'd strongly recommend you take it! His experience and approach to mentorship is invaluable.”  Nitish Mukhi, Manager Post Merger Integration, PwC

“I have been working with Rudy for over six months where he has been providing strategic advice and practical execution for building our SaaS sales team and strategy. His experience, insight, and proven track record in successful SaaS sales were exactly what we were looking for in this stage of our growth. With his extensive experience in building scalable SaaS sales teams and many years in various sales roles, Rudy has been instrumental in guiding us to establish a strong foundation for building and executing a winning SaaS sales strategy and operations. Working closely with my Revenue Leadership Team, we were able to lay the required foundation in a relatively short time. I find Rudy to be a true professional, open, engaging, and personable while still driving towards the goal. His integrity and honesty are what I need as an executive who needs to hear what's going on "as it is". I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Rudy with great enthusiasm!” Robert Al Jaar, Sr. VP Silanis eSignature

“Rudy was an instrumental member of the senior management at Protus. Specifically, what Rudy created was an incredibly focused sales engine that drove phenomenal growth in revenues for Protus. This focus, a blend of talent management, honed processes and appropriate metrics was the cornerstone of the success that Protus achieved. Since this time, Rudy has been imparting this knowledge to several other companies, all which need to dramatically improve their sales process. Few are more expert than Rudy.”  Paul Butcher Co-Founder HostedBizz Inc. former Pres. Mitel

"Rudy is one of the most astute marketing people that I've ever met...and I've met a lot. He has a street-smart gift for sales and leadership combined with incredible business savvy and an extraordinary ability to understand and monetize an opportunity in as few steps as possible."
Steve Gordon, CEO The Regional Group 

“In today's environment, where companies are seeking clear guidance to navigate rapidly changing economic complexities and may find it difficult to engage succinct management whom they can trust to deliver measurable results, Rudy will provide the sales leadership needed.
I witnessed firsthand his ability to analyze a myriad of complex issues across various market/product sectors, provide immediate and direct guidance, recruit the best talent to compliment his team and take results to new heights. Rudy is adept at identifying and monetizing market opportunities and implementing the kind of change that increases profits AND builds highly functional, productive and enthusiastic teams. He is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and his sales and leadership skills were evident to everyone from the day he walked through the door. To Rudy though, what is infinitely more important than all his business accomplishments, and they are many, is character. He understands from deep within what’s lasting and what’s not and that there are things more important than fame and fortune. He’s first a man of principal and priorities whose life is one of authenticity without pride or guile.”   David Perry BA MM, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International Inc.

“Rudy is a true expert in the field of building and leading sales organizations. His innovative approach to designing and staffing a scalable and highly transactional sales system at Protus was one of (if not) the most significant factors that lead to Protus’ explosive growth and success. His obsession with results driven sales processes and impressive track record of producing exponential business growth has earned him a well deserved reputation as an ultimate professional and knowledge leader in his industry and amongst his peers.” Jim Stechyson, Co-Founder HostedBizz Inc. and Chairman ZIM

“Rudy combines tactical insight with a relentless focus on data driven decision making. This coupled with his long view that successful strategy happens by diligent execution not grand talk is why he succeeds. Working for him for nearly 8 years I can’t count the things I learned from him. I consider him a mentor, teacher and friend.” Dinesh Kandanchatha, COO, Macadamian

“Rudy is a gifted business professional that is always forward moving, direct, purposeful and strategic. He decisions are thoughtful and near flawless, I reported directly to Rudy for 15 months and would jump at the chance to do so again. I recommend him without hesitation.” Peter MacKie, VP Sales, Fusebill

"During everyone's career there is mentor who forces you to bring your game to " a whole new level.” Rudy always provided me with honest and valuable guidance, while ensuring I was constantly challenged during my development. He completely understands what characteristics are important and critical for a highly successful sales organization. 

His strong intuition and amazing ability to see through information quickly demanded fast and accurate responses from our management team. Rudy is a must for any organization looking to bring their team members, processes, and sales results to a "whole new level.” Wayne Selman, Director of Sales, Foko