We're a professional services firm, a Virtual Chief Sales Officer. We provide full-time executive sales services during lapses in leadership, part-time virtual services for growth stage companies, consultancy for specific projects and ongoing coaching and mentoring. Based on real-world day-to-day practices, proven in a series of successful endeavors, we have a methodology that helps companies efficiently scale and monetize sales activity. We ensure your sales efforts are; predictable, profitable, scalable & enviable...




As companies move through growth stages, a shift occurs that fuels the need to ramp sales & business development activities. This generally requires a different structure and approach than the company used to build it’s initial success. People and their skills are only part of the equation - the data, tools and processes behind the people are critical as they forecast issues, identify causes and provide solutions. 

We recognize that sales success is not about having the best salespeople on the planet. Success is driven by processes to manage sales activity; increase effectiveness, reduce stalled efforts, win business and deliver results. We define the internal processes to optimize and monetize sales team investments. We can design the sales pipeline management system, help with role definitions and staffing, guide the design of multilevel dashboards and associated metrics to ensure trends are realized and then capitalized on. 

Strategy and selling systems are useless without a “nose to the grindstone” best practice mentality that allows for continuous testing and the challenging of metrics and results to ensure repeatable success. 

Tasks need to be prioritized to ensure sales execution aligns with corporate goals. Processes and procedures need to be optimized to increase efficiency and lower the cost of sales. Best practices need to be institutionalized to ensure a profitable, predictable and scalable sales effort.

Strategy, Tactics, Execution

Rudy was a member of, or advisor to, the executive management teams that engineered the successful acquisitions of Protus in 2010, Granite Networks in 2013,Privacy Analytics in 2016 and360pi in 2017 - with total exit value in excess of $300M.

Rudy leads the Sales Practice atInvest Ottawa where he mentors both the Accelerator and Scale-Up companies.

Additionally, Rudy is an Executive Fellow with Mistral Venture Partners and volunteers with both Carleton University's "Lead to Win" program and the MaRS Discovery District.

Prioritize, Systemize, Operationalize, Institutionalize

Rudy Richman’s success has been in the development, implementation, and execution of sales team strategies. He is a habitual builder of revenue generating sales engines: profitable, scalable models with predictable results. He assists organizations in transforming their old-fashioned, stale sales environments into multifaceted revenue generating systems; with meaningful, measurable metrics.

Penetrate, Radiate, Dominate

Penetrate Consultative front-end sales process to engage, educate & close prospects quickly

   Radiate "Fuel the Fire" - keep initial interest high proactively becoming intimate and consultative to grow the business 

  Dominate Constantly enhance, adjust and refine selling approach and processes to "own" the business at each customer”